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How It Works: Property Damage Restoration

Luckily, property damage doesn’t happen often, but when it does it can feel overwhelming. As experts in fire, water, and structural property damage restoration, SureBuild Restoration can help you deal with the anxiety and uncertainty of requesting disaster restoration services.

The Two Ways to Work with Us

When you call us, you’ve experienced flood, fire, or storm damage and need help. But it’s helpful to understand the difference between emergency and non-emergency services. This page explains the major steps in the restoration process and how it works for both types of service. Our goal is to help you understand what each involves and all the steps that may happen.

Emergency Services are precisely what the name implies. You call us to start working immediately to stop the damage from worsening and secure your property. You must prevent the damage from spreading if you’re an insured home or business owner. Insurance companies generally pay or reimburse emergency service costs after you pay your deductible.

Non-emergency, Pre-Estimated Services are the longer-term restoration work we do after the catastrophe ends and the damage no longer worsens. We assess the damage, prepare an estimate, and present it to you and your insurance company for review. It will describe the work to be done and give you the cost.

Our mission is to help you and safeguard your property when you’re in the midst of an emergency and recovering from it. We’re with you at every step of the process and have worked with all insurance providers. We understand the process and offer competitive pricing on high-quality services.

Emergency Service for Property Damage

Step #1: Immediate Response

Our property damage emergency crews are available to respond immediately, 27/7, 365 days a year. Upon arrival, we’ll assess the situation and develop a plan to prevent further damage or secure your property from thieves and vandalism. We’ll request you authorize the work and pay your insurance deductible.

We go to work without any delays the minute you provide your authorization. The objective is mitigation and preliminary clean-up to contain the water or fire damage to your home or business.

You only pay the deductible cost – we will directly bill your insurance company for the rest of the balance due.

Woman and man standing outside of home looking at checklist after fire restoration in Vancouver WA. Surebuild also does fire restoration services in Portland OR
Surebuild Restoration doing walk through inspection with Washington homeowner showing water restoration service in Vancouver after fire restoration work.

Step #2: Mitigation and Preliminary Clean Up

Depending on whether you’ve had fire, water, or storm damage, it’s crucial to stop it from spreading and ensure your property is secured. For example, if a tree has fallen on your roof and it’s raining, securing a tarp onto the roof to reduce water infiltration is essential.

In other situations, we may need to board up windows, shut off water from a burst pipe, quickly move your furniture or merchandise out of harm’s way, or place drying and dehumidification equipment.
Depending on what happened, this part of the process can take a few hours or several days.

Insurance companies expect (and require) you to take steps to minimize damage once it is safe to do so after a catastrophe occurs.

Step #3: Cost Estimate for Emergency Services

Because we must begin working immediately in an emergency, the cost estimate (price) is prepared afterward. We take photos and measurements as we work to document the damage and show our mitigation and clean-up efforts.

Our teams use software programs standard in the insurance industry to document emergency work—it can create sketches, measurements, and photos. We aim to complete post-emergency estimates within 48 hours of completing our initial emergency damage control.

We can be on-site if your insurance adjuster visits for damage assessment. Our presence will help answer questions and simplify the restoration process.

Man holding magnifying glass next to toy house with coins stacked up next to it. Using Surebuild Restoration for your storm damage restoration in Vancouver, WA, can save you money vs DIY repair.
Two people holding a paper model of a house, showing how fire damage restoration in Portland can be be affordable without a second mortgage.

Step #4: Filing a Claim with Your Insurance Company

We’re your advocates and work directly with your insurance carrier to help manage your claim. We understand the frustrations and will help you navigate the complex property restoration process.

There’s no substitute for experience; our property restoration expertise covers all the details and small things you might miss or overlook. Our years of experience working with insurance companies on behalf of homeowners and businesses will ensure you get the most benefit from your insurance policy.

Having a professional restoration company in your corner can expedite the process and lead to a better outcome – you have other things to worry about to put your property and life back together.

Step #5: Transitioning to Non-Emergency Service

Depending on the disaster your property experienced, you may only need mitigation and clean-up. But if more extensive damage has occurred, our work transitions to non-emergency, pre-estimated repair and restoration service.

For instance, your floors or carpets may need replacement, and your walls may need to be replaced or repaired and painted after water damage from the burst water pipe mentioned earlier. Or, if a tree or limb fell and damaged your home and/or location of business, you may need roof repairs and reconstruction.

Our extensive menu of disaster repair and restoration services covers all your needs. We’ll follow through until your living and professional spaces are back to normal.

Man and woman tending to woman on gurney with a medical emergency. Surebuild restoration responds to emergency storm damage restoration in Vancouver ASAP.

The Non-Emergency Restoration Process

1 Preparing an Estimate

Our estimators visit your property to inspect the damage. The first part focuses on documentation and includes making sketches, taking photos, and confirming measurements. If it looks as though hazardous conditions may be present, they'll conduct testing for mold, lead-based paint, asbestos, etc.

Once we have documentation and measurements, we'll use software accepted by the insurance industry to prepare our estimate. If we repair damage covered by your home or business owners' policy, we'll work directly with your insurance adjuster to expedite the process. We'll work to stay within the parameters of your insurance coverage with optimal results.

For most projects, we present a detailed restoration estimate within 1-2 weeks of our initial visit to your property.

2Claim Management

This step of the non-emergency fire and water damage restoration process can be the most frustrating and anxiety-inducing for many people because it's the negotiating and agreement phase where your insurance company agrees to pay the cost of restoring your property to its pre-loss condition.

We're in your corner at every step and have worked with all major casualty insurance carriers. We understand their requirements, offer reasonable pricing, and meet their standards for presentation of estimates and work plans—it goes a long way toward getting your claim payment approved.

Working with SureBuild Restoration helps you get the most out of your insurance policy, and we can also help if there are third parties such as mortgage holders.

3 Clean Up and Removal/Demolition

If there's been fire, smoke, water,

or structural damage, ruined items and debris must be removed and the area cleaned up before restoration can start. We follow a "best practices" approach and correctly apply disinfectants, sanitizers, deodorizers, etc., as needed and comply with applicable regulations.

Our crews also understand we're working in your home or business to restore it, which means we work carefully and with the utmost respect for your property. We're clear about scheduling and try to minimize disruption to your life; you've already had enough disruption with the disaster.

Assuring our clients 100 percent satisfaction is our number one goal, and everyone on our team shares it.

4 Restoring Your Property

Getting your home or business back to normal means cleaning, repairing, and rebuilding if necessary. We'll start the work as soon as all parties agree on the necessary repairs and we receive the deposit for the restoration work. We're an all-in-one restoration team with skilled professionals from all trades.

We source all the needed building and finishing materials from well-known suppliers that are highly regarded for their quality. If we're replacing something with an exact match, we'll work with you to ensure it meets your expectations and comes close to the original materials and looks as possible.

The goal is to come as close to your pre-disaster look and function as possible; we're a quality-conscious disaster restoration contractor.

5 Project Completion

Presenting a Certificate of Completion for your signature is part of ensuring your satisfaction. At this step, you can note anything you'd like revisited for further improvements. We'll take care of it ASAP. Once satisfied, you'll sign the Certificate and return it to us.

We submit the signed Certificate of Completion, estimate, and final invoice to your insurance company to pay the balance due. Also, if you order additional work not covered by your insurance company, your payment will be due directly to us.

We do high-quality work at a reasonable price as efficiently as possible for high quality work. Getting your home or business back to pre-loss or better condition our top priority in everything we do.

Trust our process! We offer a 100% Free Inspection as part of our commitment to transparent, customer-centric service.

Our process ensures that all aspects of the water restoration and mitigation procedures are skillfully handled. From the initial inspection to the final checks, we work steadily to repair your property to its original condition – or better.

Collage of photos showing people working on various parts of a project for fire damage restoration in Vancouver, WA.

Portland-Vancouver Property Restoration Company

Our mission is to help our clients minimize stress and aggravation as they navigate the fire, water, and storm damage restoration process. We value building good relationships with our customers and their insurance companies, where not many Portland-Vancouver storm damage restoration companies can match our quality and pricing.

  • Emergency and non-emergency service
  • One restoration contractor for all your needs
  • Experienced with fire, smoke, water, and storm damage
  • Direct contact with your property insurance company
  • Quick turnarounds and top-rated quality

We hope an unexpected disaster never damages your home or business. But if one does, we’re a local company with an excellent reputation and experienced people who are ready to help!